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5 Benefits of Ballet in Children

#1 Builds Up Confidence

Children tend to be shy. With ballet, children can learn to join in with their peers and to relax & have fun. Recitals & performing on stage will help create a confident person.

#2 Benefits Their Health

Childhood obesity has been on the rise in our country. Ballet can help children stay active and keep them moving. Most kids continue to twirl when they get home. Ballet also helps improve strength and flexibility.

#3 Improves Focus & Concentration

Ballet helps focus children's energy as they work on different movements. It requires them to pay attention so they can learn different steps and dances. Recital time is a great example of children really focusing on learning. Ballet also helps enhance their memory and sensory awareness.

#4. Provides an Education

Having extracurricular activities outside of school & the home is beneficial to children. Ballet can help teach about culture, music & history. It allows children to learn about performing arts.


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